Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip summation, then some more!

As the sun sets over the hot Front Range of Southern Colorado I realize I am half way to my goal of 400 birds this year with an amazing returning number of 253 birds. Sorry for not posting forever but we have had no internet access for the whole rest of the trip. In the end we took a detour to Tucson, Arizona and also scored there. In one week we traveled 3000 miles and 226 birds. I have decided to do a post every night for our trip until I have reached the current time. Once again sorry about the inconvenience. I hope all of the people reading this blog have seen good birds to and also had a good Saint Patties Day.



  1. I thought that the old settings were getting a little boring so I decided to change it up.

  2. I like the new look to your blog. 253! 253! 253! Wow!!!! Way to go, Skyler. Maybe you'll end up braking my "Junior Big Year record" What did you get in Arizona?