Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last Weekend's Mountain Trip

Sorry for such a late post but we have been so busy that I haven't had time to post. Anyway, last weekend my whole family made the 2 hour drive up to Cameron Pass where the Moose Visitor Center lies tucked into the snow covered white forest. In search of Pine Grosbeaks and Rosy-finches, we did not turn up empty handed. We arrived there at about one o'clock just as a flock of about 150 Gray-crowned  and 2 Brown-capped Rosy-finches landed in a nearby spruce tree and on the center's bird feeders. The common Gray-crowned Rosy Finch was  a new bird for my year list.
Grey-Crowned Rosy Finch at the Moose Visitor's Center near Cameron Pass in Colorado

Soon after a large gang of bullying Pine Grosbeaks came in and stold the show. After our final count of this new year bird our number was 16. This bird I think is truly one of Colorado's mountain gems.
Male Pine Grosbeak at the Moose Visitor Center

After getting a quick look at a White-throated Sparrow, a first county record for Jackson County, we headed to North Park to find some grouse. Sadly no grouse showed but this Rough-legged Hawk sat out the 60 mph wind on a  large bulky fence post.
Rough Legged Hawk at the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge
Good luck birding!

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