Friday, March 9, 2012

Condor Count in California?

Today I was sitting reading my bird book and thought, "what are the regulations for counting the California Condor". I have seen these birds in the Grand Canyon before, actually 3 (2 adults, and 1 juv.). Can any Condors be counted?
Also in the world or rarities a COMMON SNIPE just showed up in the mountains of Colorado and it has to show up right when we are leaving for California. Hopefully we will be able to get this bird when we come back. We will try for the Tufted Duck in Oakland. Here is our scedual for California (it will probably change a lot in the corse of the trip):
March 10- fly into Reno Nevada bird there a little then drive to San Fransico
March 11-12- stay in San Fansico and bird and visit friends
March 13- Point Reyes and Bodega Bay
March 14- head down to southern Cal. for the rest of the trip.
Thanks for any help given.
Skyler Bol 116


  1. Skyler,

    once again, best of luck in California!

    I saw California Condors in California a few years ago and I did a lot of research myself about their countability and they are not countable, unfortunately and are not on any of my lists.

    Sorry about the Common Snipe having to show up when you can't chase it. Hopefully it's still around when you get back.

    Keep us posted from Cali!


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