Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The trip south was worth while

Yesterday we got back from the Virgin Islands at 11:00 PM, although very tired I made a trip list for the Virgin Islands. Most of the stuff there was new for me (even though I couldn't count it on my year list). I got 23 new life birds and the rarities or better birds we got there were:

Pomerane Jaeger, Wilson's Snipe, Ruddy Duck, Bridled Quail-Dove, Clapper Rail, Sora, Solitary Sandpiper, Yellow-headed Parrot, Smooth-billed Ani, and many more. We also got to see some cool fish, 2 Green Sea Turtles, and 2 Nurse Sharks. We tried for the Tropic birds twice but with no luck. We did try to get some pictures but with out a big lens this is what we got.
Pearly Eyed Thrasher

Brown Booby
Zenaida Dove

Durring our 4 hour delay in Georgia I got 1 new bird that was not the rarest bird ever (even out here in Colorado), it was one singular Common Grackle perched on top of a parking garage near by a tree. This leaves me with 55 birds. Also we found a house Sparrow at 11:30 PM in the Denver airport calling out from a fake tree, not something you see every day.

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  1. Glad that you had a great trip, Skyler! It's too bad that you can't count the birds for your Junior Big Year, but you are correct. Did you get to go out in Atlanta for birding?

    Good luck - go rack up some more Big Year birds!