Monday, January 2, 2012

An early arrival on January 2

As I sat at home waiting for my parents to get back from the gym the door swung open and my mom rushed inside and said," get your binoculars we got a good bird." I quickly rushed outside in my bare feet and hopped into the car were my dad sat. We rushed down the street and my mom had a 600mm ready to capture it on camera. The car screeched to a stop. In the tree in front of me was .... "a Robin?" I said. "No, the bird farther down the tree." rang from the front seat. I scanned down the tree with my binoculars and low and behold eating crab apple berries was this

An Adult Male Bullock's Oriole in the middle of winter!

This was the bird that sat in the tree it was just like that through the binoculars. The bird was very calm and sat in the tree still after we left. What a beautiful bird.

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  1. Awesome bird Skyler! Sweet photo mom! I saw your comment on my blog. I would be glad to help you out in any way I can in June. I keep a close eye on the rare birds reported in AZ so hopefully there will be some good stuff around. Keep in touch.