Sunday, January 15, 2012

New birds of this week

This week for me has supprisingly been a very birdy week with multiple new birds. No pictures but a few rarities. This week I went birding once all around Ft. Collins on Friday, and then once again today doing a new trail called Grey Rock trail and it's about 10 miles long full of great varying habitat. The new birds of this week are:
Around Ft. Collins: Merlin, Virginia Rail, Norhtern Pintail, and Sharp-shinned Hawk.
On Grey Rock Trail: Hairy Woodpecker, American Three-toed Wooodpecker, Mountain Bluebird, American Dipper, Clark's Nutcracker, Brown-capped Rosy-Finch at the summit of Grey Rock (probably lost)

With these birds I am at 70 for the year, I am also posting all of my lists to Ebird. If you do not know about this site it is wonderful because you can report all your birds that you see when you go birding and these obserations go to Cornell to tell them about bird obsevaton. So anyway I hope everyone has great birding and has a good time enjoying birding.

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  1. 70 is great for the first half month of the year, Skyler, especially having been away for a week! Keep it up.